KCMG Composites R&D Centre Ltd.: Taiwan Branch


Taiwan manufacturing plant

  • Houli facility: 13,000m2, 100 staff by mid. 2016.
  • Erlin facility (with 510,000m2  land area and 200,000m2  production facility/ GPS location: )
  • 100,000m2 , 1st  segment of Phase 2 ready by 2017 Headcount projection: 600
  • 100,000m2, , 2nd segment of Phase 2 will be ready for full production by end of 2020.
  • Headcount projection: 1000

The KCMG Composites has been established in Taiwan to manufacture components and prepreg. It will have complementary facilities to the Irish plant to enable the rapid transfer of prototype designed and specified in Ireland. The Taiwan plant will have bulk production equipment and will mass produce components to the quality designs developed in Ireland. In addition, the Taiwan plant has a prepreg line, producing B Stage epoxy prepreg for the company. The Taiwan plant will also be supported by its own composites laboratory. The Taiwan plant will have full engineering support form the Irish headquarters with staff embedded to support the introduction of new product lines, and the transfer of production methods and processes to ensure a full compliance with agreed client specifications.

Our HOULI facility in Taiwan has a TOTAL WORKING AREA of 13,000m2 with a number of 30 working staff which will rise to 100 in mid-JUNE 2016.


Prepreg Fabrication Line
Main focus: 1 meter wide UD carbon prepreg  |  Average output rate: 4 meter/minute  |  Maximum capacity: 420 tons/year


2 Walk-in Freezers
All time -20°  |  Automatic Monitoring  |  Freezer 1: 8 M x 7M x 3 M  |  Freezer 2: 3M x 4M x 3 M

clean-roomClean Room
100,000 class, 600m2plus 600m2
Twozund Automated Ply Cutter
Table size: 1.6 M x 1.2 M
press-linePress Line
Six sets, 12 presses  |  Table size: 0.5 M x0 .5 M  |  Max. press force: 250kg  |  Max. temperature: 200°C
trimming-boothTrimming Booth
10 Meter Width  |  At least 8 suctionsets  |  Booths positioned at a safety-approved airflow area


Two Autoclaves
3.3 mØx 7.5 m/1.9 mØx 5.0 m  |  (Max pressure: 10 bar, Max temperature: 250°C


Two CNC Machines
Working envelope 6.0 Mx 4.2 M x 1.2M  |  Max. power: 15 Kw  |  Max. revolution speed: 24,000 rpm

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