KCMG Composites offers you the unique opportunity to join a winning team in a winning team in a winning industry. We are at the leading edge of carbon composite material and component manufacturing technology. As a company we offer our staff a unique opportunity to be part of a global team in a global industry. With facilities in Europe and Asia we can guarantee your career path will be an exciting one.

We are currently recruiting for our Ireland Research and Development and Manufacturing Facility. If you have the necessary skills and drive to be part of our winning Team contact us at

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Hong Kong

KCMG Composites International Ltd.
8/F Startex Industrial Building,
14 Tai Yau Street, San Po Kong,
Kowloon Hong Kong
T. +852 31760383
F. +852 31760363

Republic of Ireland

KCMG Composites R&D Centre Ltd.
Unit 6B, Northern Cross
Business Park
Finglas, Dublin 11
Republic of Ireland
T. +353 1 8912100
F. +353 (0) 1 554 7328


KCMG Composites R&D Centre Taiwan Branch Ltd.
#36 Hou Ke S. Road, Hou Li District,
Taichung 42152, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
T. +886 4 2558 0698
F. +886 4 2558 0929